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Ha Tinh Province - Thien Cam Beach
Thien Cam Beach and Mountain
Thien Cam Beach is situated approximately 20 kilometres southwest of ha Tinh Town, in Thien Cam small Town, Cam Xuyen District.  Thien Cam Beach has long been famous for its beautiful pristine landscape and a 10-km long white-sand beach. The sea is almost always calm all the year round and this is good for 
swimming and relaxation. It is a good idea to lie on Thien Cam beach to listen to the natural music created by breezes and waves hitting rocks and mountains like celestial instruments, which is translated as Thien Cam in the Vietnamese language. The low mountains near the sea have created a beautiful landscape. Coming to Thien Cam Beach, visitors can visit several surrounding interesting places. Separated from the mountain by a sandbank, Yen Lac Pagoda, built during the 13th century. It boasts antiques, including a bronze bell, Buddhist statues and a famous set of paintings called “The King of Hell’s Ten Palaces”. The pagoda with a 600 year-old Bohdi tree and surrounded by the sea on three sides, receives thousands of visitors and pilgrims each year.  Visitors can also walk in pine forests and have picnics in Thien Cam Mountain and Ho Quy Ly Cave,or tour of the Nhuong Ban 500-year-old fishing village. Villagers love performing traditional songs and dances, reflecting their daily life and tales of conquering the sea’s fierceness. Not far from the beach are En and Boc islands where delicious seafood and clean beaches are available. If tourists are not satisfied with Thien Cam, they can take a boat for a cruise of half an hour to Bock Island to view of imposing rocks overlooking the sea. Behind these rocks is a clean beach ideal for swimming in the rippling of the water surface and under the sunshine. Sitting in huts on the island to have boiled fresh seafood in the late afternoon is a common habit for most visitors. Not far from the island is Tien fairy) Beach at the foot of Tuong Mount, with stone caves where both currents of salty and fresh waters meet. The French built Thien Cam to be a resort, but the wars nearly destroyed all the infrastructure. Thien Cam was initially designed as a tourism resort in 1991, covering 249 ha. Many hotels and guesthouses have been built since then. Nowadays, Thien Cam Beach has become a tourist site where many like to spend their vacations.

Hong Linh Mountains

The great Vietnamese poet Nguyen Du was born in this grandiose and poetic area. Approximately 100 pagodas, temples and shrines, including Huong Tich Pagoda and Chan Tien Pagoda, are scattered throughout the 99 peaks of the Hong Linh Mountains.

Ke Go Lake

This beautiful artificial lake, surrounded by hills and mountains in Cam Xuyen District, is located 70km south of Vinh. It took four years to build the 30km-long lake, the main dam and the ten auxiliary dams. The lake is an attractive tourist site where people can go swimming, fishing, hiking or hunting. Ke Go Lake is also abundant source of food for the neighboring areas. The fish and shrimps from the lake are very tasty and can reach impressive sizes.

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